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Funding News

In the second special edition, the purchase of scientific or other literature related to the conducted research (e.g. novels or comic books being the subject of the analysis) as well as e-books and DVD films will be co-financed. Selected publications can be ordered from abroad, however, due to the additional costs of customs duty, only from countries belonging to the European Union. 
In the 4_2020 edition, you can apply for funding proofreading of scientific articles meeting the conditions set out in the regulations of the Competition for funding PhD students' activities. 
The maximum amount of funding in the literature purchase category is PLN 500, and in the proofreading category - PLN 1,000. 
The application form as well as all the attachments have to be submitted via Microsoft Forms between 2nd and 16th September 2.

The application forms are available at our website at Grants -> Special edition and Language corrections. 

During settlements, the rules described in the document "settlement rules" apply. 
The application forms and Regulations of funding are available at:
Guidelines for online submissions:
1) The application form does not have to be signed by the doctoral student and their supervisor (or other authorized person).
2) The application form has to be submitted through the provided Microsoft Forms, from the doctoral student’s account at domain.
3) An e-mail from the doctoral student’s supervisor or other authorized person displaying approval, and sent from an e-mail at or other university’s domain has to be provided as an attachment to the application form.
4) In the case of an application for publication funding, the review has to be submitted as a scan of a signed print-out or as text (in .doc or .pdf format) and an e-mail confirming the contents of the review, sent by the reviewer from an address at (or other university’s) domain.
Should you have any further questions you may contact the Chairperson of the Committee at