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Funding News

Due to the prolonged restrictions preventing travels outside Poland, the Doctoral Students’ Union of the Jagiellonian University adopted a resolution on the specific rules for the functioning of the Competition for the Funding of Doctoral Students' Activities during the period of limitation or suspension of the university's operation. We are announcing recruitment for the 1_2021 edition, in which doctoral students will be able to apply for funding for participation in online conferences for the first time.

The submission period for TD UJ’s funding will last from November 26 until December 13. In this edition, you can submit applications for projects implemented in the period from 01/01/2021 to 31/03/2021, in the following categories:
- Publishing a monograph,
- Refund of the cost of paper proofreading,
- participation in the online conference (co-financing of the conference fee).

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