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Organized by the JU Doctoral Candidates Society (DCS) from the budget granted by University Authorities, the JU Competition for Financing Doctoral Student Activities consitutes an important form of support for DCS members.

The following activities of JU doctoral students may be co-financed as part of the Competition:

  • participation in a conference at venues of national scope
  • participation in a conference at venues of international scope
  • conference organization
  • publication fees
  • reimbursement of article proofreading costs


The application deadlines provided below are liable to change and shall be announced each time separately.

1st Edition

Projects carried out between 1.01.2020 and 31.03.2020.

Application submission and registration from 18.11.2019 to 6.12.2019.

Announcement of results around 20.12.2019.


2nd Edition

Projects carried out between 1.04.2020 and 30.06.2020.

Application submission and registration from 24.02.2020 to 13.03.2020.

Announcement of results around 24.03.2020.

3rd Edition

Projects carried out between 1.07.2020 and 30.09.2020.

Application submission and registration from 18.05.2020 to 5.06.2020.

Announcement of results around 25.06.2020.

4th Edition

Projects carried out between 1.10.2020 and 31.12.2020.

Application submission and registration from 24.08.2020 to 11.09.2020.

Announcement of results around 24.09.2020.