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Workshops Committee


The Workshops Committee organizes workshops to develop soft and hard skills. Course topics
include public speaking, raising funds for research, support of computer programs necessary
for data analysis, activating teaching methods etc.

We place particular emphasis on supporting the holistic development of doctoral candidates,
which is reflected in the subject of the courses. They are selected to improve the research
and didactic workshop of young scientists. With us you can improve your competences and
acquire new ones.


  • Marta Labuda - Chairperson
  • Marta Hylewska
  • Patryk Guzda 
  • Gabriel Moskal
  • Aleksandra Petryka - Fijałkiewicz 
  • Weronika Król
  • Ahmed Ismail Hassan Ahmed Mohamed
  • Mariola Pawełko



If you want to join the Committee, please contact