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Student-Doctoral Academic Seminars

The Student-Doctoral Academic Seminars is an initiative of the Jagiellonian University PhD Student Association aimed at popularizing the research of young scientists in a wider audience, as well as shaping public speaking skills and developing discussions on issues from various fields of science. The patron of the undertaking was prof. dr hab. Armen Edigarian, JU Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs.

The Student-Doctoral Academic Seminars is a continuation of the Scientific and Cultural Salon that has been in existence since 2007 and has been very popular.

From 2023, the Student-Doctoral Academic Seminars has been held with the the Jagiellonian University Council of Academic Societies. Together with the new edition of the the Student-Doctoral Academic Seminars, a COMPETITION for the best popular science presentations promoting research and scientific projects of PhD students and students at the Jagiellonian University has been established. During each meeting 6 papers are presented, from which the audience will choose the best in the PhD student panel and student panel. The next stage of the competition is to choose the paper of the year.




  • a coupon of PLN 500 for the paper of the month 

    PLN 4000 for the report of the year

    PLN 2000 audience award


 In case of any questions or uncertainties please e-mail us at

We heartily encourage you to participate!

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