Konferencje zagraniczne

Konkurs na wyjazdy zagraniczne dla doktorantów w ramach Programu PROM

Wioletta Pugacewicz, 21.11.2018

Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego ogłasza konkurs w ramach projektu PROM - Międzynarodowa wymiana stypendialna doktorantów i kadry akademickiej dla doktorantów oraz nauczycieli akademickich na wyjazdy na konferencje, szkoły letnie/zimowe oraz krótkie formy kształcenia tj. staże, kursy, warsztaty lub szkolenia. 
Celem Projektu jest doskonalenie kompetencji i podnoszenie kwalifikacji naukowych poprzez międzynarodową wymianę stypendialną. 
W ramach Projektu finansowane są:  
koszty podroży uczestnika projektu; 
koszty utrzymania uczestnika projektu; 
koszty opłat konferencyjnych, 
koszty uczestnictwa w szkołach letnich lub zimowych. 
Możliwe są wyjazdy na konferencje naukowe oraz szkoły letnie lub zimowe do instytucji zagranicznych zlokalizowanych w krajach OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ) oraz wyjazdy na krótkie formy kształcenia do instytucji zlokalizowanych zarówno w krajach OECD jak i z poza OECD. 
Wyjazdy mogą być realizowane w semestrze zimowym i letnim roku akademickiego 2018/2019, w okresie realizacji Projektu do 22 września 2019r.
Zgodnie z priorytetami Programu pierwszeństwo w wyjazdach będą mieli doktoranci oraz pracownicy akademiccy, którzy nie ukończyli 40 roku życia. 
Od kandydatów wymaga się znajomości języka wykładowego zagranicznej instytucji przyjmującej lub języka angielskiego, w stopniu umożliwiającym swobodne uczestnictwo w zaplanowanych zadaniach. 
Możliwe są następujące formy wsparcia:
a. Udział w szkołach letnich lub zimowych,
b. Udział w konferencjach naukowych,
c. Udział w krótkich formach kształcenia (stażach, kursach, warsztatach, szkoleniach).
W ramach ogłoszonego konkursu można ubiegać się wyłącznie o jeden wyjazd. 
Podstawą kwalifikacji na wyjazd jest złożenie w terminie do 14 grudnia 2018 r. w Dziale Współpracy Międzynarodowej UJ, (ul. Czapskich 4, pok. 25) u p. Izabeli Zawiskiej następujących dokumentów:
1) Formularza rekrutacyjnego – wypełnionego i podpisanego przez Kandydata oraz w przypadku doktorantów promotora pracy doktorskiej lub bezpośredniego przełożonego w przypadku pracowników akademickich (akceptowane będą jedynie dokumenty z wymaganymi podpisami w oryginale). 
2) Potwierdzenia z instytucji zagranicznej o możliwości uczestnictwa w szkole letniej/zimowej, udziału w konferencji lub uczestnictwa w krótkiej formie kształcenia (akceptowane są skany). 
3) Parafowanego na każdej stronie i podpisanego na ostatniej stronie Regulamin udziału w Projekcie. Podpisanie Regulaminu oznacza akceptację jego treści. 
4) Oświadczenie o wyrażeniu zgody na przetwarzanie danych osobowych w ramach Projektu – podpisane przez Kandydata.
Kopie dokumentów, dokumenty niekompletne, złożone po terminie lub przesłane drogą mailową nie będą rozpatrywane.
Rozstrzygnięcie konkursu nastąpi do końca grudnia 2018 r.
W przypadku liczby zgłoszeń przekraczającej limity finansowe, utworzona zostanie lista rezerwowa. 
Szczegółowych informacji w sprawie konkursu udziela:
dr inż. Izabela Zawiska
tel. 12 663 30 13.

Call for Submissions - 2019 Biennial Conference of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology

Wioletta Pugacewicz, 09.08.2018

The 11th Biennial Conference of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology (ISCHP) will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia on Monday to Wednesday, July 15-17, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bratislava. Full details at www.ischp2019.sk

Held every two years, the ISCHP conference provides an opportunity to explore ongoing and emerging issues in critical research, critical theory and critical practice in relation to health and health care. As well as a growing body of critical health psychologists, it attracts a wide range of others, including health service providers, users and activists and students and scholars in a diversity of disciplines that take a critical orientation to health, illness and healthcare.

We work hard to make ISCHP conferences collaborative and welcoming, offering inspirational and high-quality presentations from critical health scholars from around the world and from a range of disciplines. However, the conference programme goes well beyond the usual to include a diversity of presentation formats and a great social programme. ISCHP is especially committed to encouraging creativity and debate, and to supporting students, and emerging researchers starting out in this field.

The ISCHP 2019 conference will be a three-day meeting and will include workshops alongside the academic programme. You can also take the opportunity to attend the Pohoda Festival (the “Glastonbury of Central Europe”) which takes place in the week before the conference.

We welcome submissions on any topic or theme that takes a critical stance on any aspect of health or health care. We are keen to receive submissions for symposia (of four 15 minute presentations), individual 15 minute oral presentations, Pecha Kucha and 5-Minute Challenge submissions, and e-Poster submissions, on any topic discussing and exploring critical work on health. The organizing committee especially welcome submissions in formats other than individual oral presentations. As well as an exciting academic programme there will be a lively social programme and preconference workshops.

Our keynote speakers will be Margaret Wazakili (Global Disability Watch, Malawi), Miroslav Sirota (University of Essex, United Kingdom) and Linda McMullen (University of Saskatchewan, Canada).

 Deadline for submissions for the conference are: 

31 October 2018 – for workshop proposals
31 January 2019  – for early abstract review for those who want to get a head-start with their travel arrangements
10 March 2019 – final deadline for submitting all forms of presentations
1 April 2019 – final deadline for submitting posters
Submissions and registration can be made at www.ischp2019.sk

The Facebook event is available at www.facebook.com/events/415202058886138/


The ISCHP2019 Planning Committee

CBSS Summer University 2018: Populism and Radical Politics, Across East and West, Right and Left 

Wioletta Pugacewicz, 13.04.2018

When: 9 June – 21 June 2018 
Where: Site 1 - Stockholm (Södertörn University) and Site 2 - Gdańsk (University of Gdańsk and European Solidarity Centre) 
How many credits: 7.5 ECTS Points 
For whom: Doctoral students within humanities or social sciences 
By whom: Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University, University of Gdańsk, European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)


In the last few years, populism has been on the rise in Europe, across East and West. In some countries the nationalist right-wing populist parties have gained power, whereas in others they have emerged on the fringes of mainstream politics. Xenophobic and outright racist movements are becoming more visible and vocal and seemingly threatening democracy. Yet elsewhere, left-wing movements are mobilizing against this development, arguing that there are other forms of populism: less reactionary, more inclusive and with the potential to reinvigorate democracy. Recent years have also seen a rise in women's and feminist mobilization against a current resurgence of "traditional values", anti-feminist backlash and authoritarianism. In light of this, is it safe to say that we live in a time of increased political polarization?

This and other topical questions will be the subject of lectures and discussions during the two weeks of the CBSS Summer University 2018 on two sides of the Baltic Sea, in Sweden and Poland.


The course “Populism and Radical Politics, Across East and West, Right and Left” deals with populism and radical politics across the political spectrum both theoretically and empirically. Particular attention is paid to the European post-1989 context within Baltic, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the larger transnational and global cultural, economic and political developments within which these movements have emerged. The actual learning process will be enhanced by travel from Stockholm to the birthplace of Solidarity – Gdańsk, as well as teaching in action during guided tours and trips, small study groups and informal learning during leisure activities.

Some of the confirmed lecturers thus far are the following internationally renowned scholars:
·         Oliver Marchart (University of Vienna) 

·         Cecilia Sjöholm (Södertörn University) 

·         Mark Devenney (University of Brighton) 

·         Agnieszka Graff (University of Warsaw) 

·         Elzbieta Korolczuk (Södertörn University) 

·         Emilia Palonen (University of Helsinki) 

·         Michal Krzyzanowski (University of Liverpool) 

Registration and application:
·         only for doctoral students 

·         previous knowledge about social movements and poststructuralist theory is highly recommended 

·         no registration and tuition fees 

·         submit the following documents to summeruniversity@sh.se : 

1.       proof of PhD-program admission/enrolment 

2.       statement of intent including a short description of your PhD project, your research interests and your motivation for taking the course (300-500 words double spaced, *doc format) 

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2018

Number of places: limited 
Housing: can be provided free of charge (indicate the need in your application) 
Detailed programme and syllabus: check http://www.sh.se/summeruniversity


Course organisers:
·         Jenny Gunnarsson Payne (academic programme – Sweden)

·         Kazimierz Musial (academic programme – Poland)

·         Natalia Durkalec (administration, promotion and social media) 

Contact: summeruniversity@sh.se 
WWW: sh.se/summeruniversity


Conference Innovation for Sustainable Development

Wioletta Pugacewicz, 02.03.2018

As part of the German presidency in in the Baltic University Programme, the BUP Coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University and the German National BUP Center at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz, Germany, have a pleasure to invite BUP students to the BUP Spring Students' Conference in Großschönau close to Zittau . The topic of the conference:

Innovation for Sustainable Development: 
Resource and Energy Efficiency in Production and Transportation

The conference will take place from 28th May to 01st June 2018.

Please notice that during the conference, and in addition to a very interesting scientific program in the nice surrounding of the Zittauer Gebirge, the students will also take part in an excursion to the city of Dresden. We looking forward if it would be possible to visit the “Gläserne Manufaktur”, the modern production site of Volkswagens eGolf.

Students interested in the topic and coming from our members or/and participating universities are welcome to apply for participation in the conference. Students from the BUP´s members' universities will, however, be given priority. The national BUP centres will be responsible for selecting a list of participants from the respective countries. So students have to apply by sending attached application form to the National Centres. In case there is no functioning centre in the country (like in Belarus, Sweden and North- West Russia) the application should be sent directly to coordinating secretariat (Lyudmyla. Babak@csduppsala.uu.se).   The deadline is the 20th of March 2018.

We will soon set up a web page for the conference under the following URL: https://www.hszg.de/international/baltic-university-programme.html

Brazilian Seminars / Summer Program at PUC-Rio (July 2017)

Wioletta Pugacewicz, 21.04.2017

Brazilian Seminars / Summer Program at PUC-Rio (July 2017)
Greetings from the International Cooperation Central Coordination Office of PUC-Rio.
We are delighted to present to you the second edition of the Brazilian Seminars.
The Brazilian Seminars is an International Summer program that will be offered next July 2017, and it takes place at PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, for the duration of 12 business days.
It is a 48h (3 University credits) interdisciplinary program of lectures and off-class activities.
Through a combination of lectures on different areas of interest, ranging from politics and economics to environment, from culture and social issues to public health,
the program will provide students, young scholars and international administrators with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about Brazil and discuss the current issues that are in the global scenario.

The participants will also have the opportunity to combine the Brazilian Seminars with a 20h intensive course of Portuguese language
 that will be offered during the previous week before to the regular program start. Please note that this is an optional course and there is an extra fee for it.

Please take note of the most relevant dates for the program:

Brazilian Seminars course dates: July 13-28th, 2017
Portuguese language survival course (20h): July 10-13rd, 2017
Application deadline: May 31st, 2017

For further practical information, procedures for enrollment, and special conditions for participants from partner institutions, please,
do not hesitate to contact us: curtaccci@puc-rio.br<mailto:curtaccci@puc-rio.br>.
We look forward to welcoming you all for a truly Brazilian experience at PUC-Rio.


Daniel Castro
Senior Advisor for Short-term Programs
Assessor para alunos de programas de Curta Duração

Coordenação Central de Cooperação Internacional - CCCI
Central Coordination for International Cooperation
Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225
Ed. Pe. Leonel Franca, 8º andar
22 453-900 Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
Tel: (55 21) 3527-1577 / 3527-1578
Fax: (55 21) 3527-1094
E-mail: curtaccci@puc-rio.br<mailto:curtaccci@puc-rio.br>